Is Your Organization Prepared to Accept Risk for Bundled Payments?

The first stage of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s (CMMI) bundled payment initiative is complete. Post-acute providers are now shifting their focus to enacting the care process redesign and conducting the data analysis necessary to design and successfully manage the risk of a bundled episode of care.

In order to complete this by the application deadline, March 15, 2012, providers are narrowing their sights on areas of clinical strength that do not exhibit wide variation in cost. However, even with this narrower focus, the breadth of options for designing a care bundle–perhaps left purposefully broad by CMMI–ensures that the next few months will require rapid-fire decision-making and execution of care redesign processes.

To assist with these challenges at a high level, Health Dimensions Group is pleased to share our most recent white paper on bundled payment.

Providers interested in partnering with Health Dimensions Group (HDG) should express interest immediately in order to confirm a letter of engagement by December 5, 2011, past which HDG will be unable to take on new clients for the CMMI bundled payment initiative. Call 763.537.5700 today to allow for adequate time to complete the application process.

Read Health Dimensions Group’s recently published white paper to learn about imperatives for success for post-acute providers under bundled payment.

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