Wednesday, March 1: HDG National Summit Caps Off Another Success

What makes (it all) work? Good leadership, financial management, meaningful feedback.”

Wednesday was our final day of the Summit! Two panel discussions comprised much of the morning: Transforming Care: Stepping Back to Take a Closer Look and The Importance of Clinical Integration for Value-Based Transformation.

The presentations examined the unprecedented pressure to transform care. We also heard how clinical integration can succeed in a value-based payment world. Healthcare attorney Harry Nelson spoke about the key elements of clinical integration that creates efficiencies, providing a roadmap to the future of risk-based contracting. “There may be a fear-driven culture in regards to regulatory issues, but instead think of it as an opportunity,” he observed.

Dr. Beth Carlson of HDG then provided a big-picture look at healthcare reform and the opportunity for organizations to integrate care in a way that is transformational for providers and patients. As she said, ““Healthcare is a team sport. Consumers have a voice and are using it.”

Our event concluded with a capstone presentation by Chris Van Gorder. Van Gorder, who serves as the president and CEO of California-based Scripps Health, has been named one of the nation’s “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare” eight times by Modern Healthcare magazine.

Van Gorder reminded us that “the only constant in health care is change.” That couldn’t be more true in 2017! Van Gorder spoke about how front-line leaders can guide their organizations, whether it be through changes to the ACA or new reimbursement structures.

This closing discussion was an inspiring call to action for each and every one of us to lead the healthcare industry forward with strong and innovative leadership.

We all can agree that today’s healthcare leaders must find new ways to lead their organizations through whatever known – and unknown – challenges are on the horizon. Together, we have shared the lessons big and small that will guide us on the path to success.

Thank you to all the participants, presenters, sponsors and supporters of the 2017 National Summit. The big takeaway is that we are powerful together. The Summit gave us all the opportunity to learn from experts, discuss our industry challenges and drive solutions to the healthcare industry’s most pressing topics.

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