The Emergence of Post-Acute Medicine

The charge toward fee-for-value from fee-for-service has accelerated the emergence of post-acute medicine, a medical model not bound by traditional delivery locales or roles.  For certain population segments, bringing medical care out of the acute and ambulatory settings and into the community is de rigueur to deliver the timely access and collaborative, team-based care required for success in a future defined by value.

Post-acute medicine delivers care in community-based and other non-traditional settings focusing on ensuring a “health home” is created for these chronically-ill, often frail patients. The locales include the patient’s place of residence, such as the home or assisted living facility, as well as SNFs and increasingly transitions clinics. The focus is not merely primary care, but importantly meeting the non-medical needs of the patient in their current setting to ensure quality outcomes.

For more information on the Emergence of Post-Acute Medicine, listen to this timely webinar recording below or contact Brent Feorene at 440-871-2756.


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